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SmallSoldiers Small Soldiers (1998) [2:24]   [Free clip]
Featuring Kirsten Dunst
Keywords: stuff gag, rope, hands at sides, tape gag, hands to chair arms, onscreen tying, USA
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RIS-GiuliaMichelini R.I.S. - Delitti imperfetti [unknown episode] (2005) [1:38] (aka Crime Evidence)   [Free clip]
Featuring Giulia Michelini
Keywords: knockout (chloroform), knockout (injection), tape gag, hands behind, Italy
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InspectorMomKidnappingIn10 Inspector Mom: Kidnapped in Ten Easy Steps (2006) [2:36]   [Free clip]
Featuring Susanna Gibb, Danica McKellar and unknown
Keywords: blindfold, handgag, tape gag, stuff gag, rope, hands in front, onscreen gagging, dress, USA
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AktenzeichenXYUngelost Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst [unknown episode] (1967) [2:04] (aka Unsolved Cases)   [Free clip]
Featuring unknown
Keywords: blindfold, tape gag, handcuffs, hands behind, onscreen gagging, onscreen tying, Austria, Switzerland, West Germany
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DieWache-EvaMaron Die Wache [unknown episode] (1994) [3:45]   [Free clip]
Featuring Eva Maron
Keywords: handgag, tape gag, cable tie, hands behind, onscreen gagging, underwear, nudity, Germany
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WhenAKillerCalls-Part2 When a Killer Calls [part 2] (2006) [3:21]   [Free clip]
Featuring Rebekah Kochan and Sarah Hall
Keywords: cleave gags, rope, hands in front, hands together over head, underwear, USA
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Cobra-TheGnome Cobra "The Gnome" (1993) [1:08]   [Free clip]
Featuring Allison Hossack
Keywords: handgag, tape gag, hands behind, onscreen gagging, USA
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BoundByLies-Part2 Bound by Lies [part 2] (2005) [2:23]   [Free clip]
Featuring Kristy Swanson and Gladys Jimenez
Keywords: tape gag, hands behind, USA
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Blindfold-Part1 Blindfold: Acts of Obsession [part 1] (1994) [3:03]   [Free clip]
Featuring Shannen Doherty and 2 unknowns
Keywords: blindfolds, cleave gag, handcuffs, hands together over head, hands behind, ankles together, onscreen tying, onscreen gagging, underwear, barefoot, snuff (not shown), USA
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Caracara Caracara (1999) [2:59]   [Free clip]
Featuring Natasha Henstridge
Keywords: handgag, tape gag, handcuffs, tape bondage, hands in front, ankles together, Canada
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ImSogDesBosen Im Sog des Bösen (1995) [2:01] (aka Desperate Measures; Deadly Measures; In the Flesh; Nanny's Nightmare; Undercurrent)   [Free clip]
Featuring Nicolette Krebitz
Keywords: OTM gag, tape gag, rope, hands behind, hands in front, onscreen gagging, Germany
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PauraNelBuio-Part1 Paura nel buio [part 1] (1989) [3:00] (aka Hitcher 2; Hitcher in the Dark; Fear in the Dark)   [Free clip]
Featuring Josie Bissett
Keywords: knockout (drink), handcuffs, chain, hands in front, tape gag, hands over head, skirt, knockout (injection), onscreen tying, onscreen gagging, Italy, USA
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